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Dentistry and oral surgery are complex procedures involving true teamwork.


A fogászati-szájsebészeti komlpex ellátás igazi teammunka.
Our work colleagues bring to this dental clinic and oral surgery a full range of dental provision with appropriate training and practise at their disposal.
Our dentists, oral surgeons and our consultants working within these fields
can provide full provision of appropriate expert care.
Nowadays, dentistry is no longer a uniform specialty, because many still
newer and different kinds of treatment methods require that we each
undergo individual training.

A stress-free environment

Stessz-mentes körülmények


Our colleagues care about the fact that our working environment should be
one free of fear, whether or not this means adult patient or children or
meaning those requiring oral surgery, or desiring implant work.

Fear-free dental care is in the interests of both the patient and the
dentist treating him or her, as a high standard of patient care can only
be carried out with a relaxed patient.


High-tech equipment

High-tech felszereltség


Our KaVo dental treatment units,
Owandy have digital diagnostic x-ray system, cutting-edge equipment,
tools and materials at their disposal.
The dental and oral surgery materials made use of here have been specially picked out from vanguard-development factories.


Regular check-ups

Rendszeres kontrollvizsgálat

We recommend regular check-ups for all our patients.
Regular dental check-ups ensure that dental care can continually be maintained.
It is not enough to just occasionally get our teeth looked at, but rather
to undergo constant care and repair in order to keep our teeth in good
condition. Professional mouth hygiene treatment alongside care of the teeth at home is very important.


Guarantees for treatment carried out.

Garancia az elvégzett kezelésekre


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